Pediatric Dentistry

Gentle Dental Care for Tiny Teeth

Scheive Family Dental Care’s youngest patients are a source of joy. We look forward to seeing your children and starting them on the road to lifelong dental health. Dr. Scheive enjoys working with young patients, making sure that a visit to the dentist is enjoyable, not intimidating. She knows how important it is to make your children comfortable from personal experience—she has a young daughter of her own to keep her in practice caring for kiddos.


Your children can look forward to gentle teeth cleanings in our office. They can expect patient instruction in how to care for their teeth. They can expect to feel valued as a patient and praised for their hard work. We want your children to want to come to the dentist.

After a visit with us, they might even look forward to their next checkup!

Schedule a visit for the whole family!

Baby teeth are important!

Remember, just because your child will lose their primary teeth (or baby teeth, as they are commonly called) does not mean that those teeth can be ignored. Regular dental care sets the stage for a healthy smile for life. Those first teeth also make spaces for permanent teeth and can help keep your child’s teeth be better aligned. They also make it possible for a child to speak clearly. Obviously, healthy teeth also make it a great deal easier to chew and eat a variety of healthy foods.

Pediatric Hygiene

Between regular checkups, daily care for young teeth is much the same as tooth care for permanent teeth. Children should brush twice a day, avoid sugary snacks, floss regularly, and rinse with water after eating to keep their mouth fresh and teeth shiny. Please speak with us at your next visit if your child does not drink fluoridated water to see if a fluoride supplement might be right for your child.

Come see us before your baby turns 1

The ADA recommends the first dental visit occur around the first birthday to get your child’s oral health off to the best start. We look forward to seeing you and your children for regular visits as they grow. Whether a first check to make sure those baby teeth are coming in properly, a tooth count and fluoride follow-up, or a teen check to make sure orthodontia and wisdom teeth are healthy, we look forward to helping parents and kids have a healthy mouth for life.


If you have questions about oral surgery or would like to schedule a consultation with your Glen Ellyn dentist, give us a call today or schedule an appointment online! We look forward to smiling with you.


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