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It’s no secret—people often put off going to the dentist because it can be an unpleasant experience. People often dread the discomfort that a bad trip to the dentist can cause. The sad effect of this delay can be more uncomfortable visits to the dentist when you can no longer delay visiting the dentist for the help you need.

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It’s a little like changing the oil in your car—the longer you go between simple oil changes, the greater the risk that you will do major damage to your engine. Putting off simple dental care can cause tiny problems to balloon into major issues.

At Scheive Family Dental Care, we don’t want this to happen to you. We strive to provide gentle, stress-free routine care for your teeth so that a dental visit becomes nothing to stress about. It’s no secret that a healthy mouth has been linked to better overall health. Take the time to do your best for yourself (and your family) by scheduling a dental visit today.

Oral Hygiene

A healthy body is something you can work toward with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. Likewise, a healthy smile is built up with regular oral care: brushing, flossing, and regular checkups.

Some signs your oral hygiene routine is working include clean teeth, pink gums that don’t hurt or bleed easily (like when brushing your teeth), and not having constant bad breath. If you are experiencing any of those issues, call us to make an appointment, and we will be your personal trainers to get you back on track to your best smile.

Oral Hygiene - Floss, Brush, Rinse


Oral cancer is something no one wants to think about. Let us take the stress out of this subject; we screen for oral cancer at each dental exam. When caught early, in the pre-cancer stage, treatment is more effective and often more successful.

There are some factors that can increase your risk of developing oral cancer. These include:

  • Tobacco use (any kind of tobacco use)
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Significant sun exposure (risk for lip cancer)
  • A history of oral cancer
  • HPV

Oral Cancer Infographic

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Tooth Colored Fillings

Our office is happy to offer tooth-colored fillings. Gone are the days when having a cavity was a double discomfort—first, the discomfort of having the cavity filled, followed by the discomfort of having dark metal fillings confront you in the mirror. Modern tooth-colored fillings are able to provide an aesthetically pleasing repair for cavities without the potential danger of mercury in your mouth present with older metal amalgam fillings.

Mouth Guards

Your teeth are meant to be with you for life. Much like a helmet can protect your head during contact sports, a mouth guard can keep your teeth from becoming a sporting fatality. Our office can custom make a mouth guard that will fit your mouth precisely, offering your teeth the best protection with less disturbance to your speech than a generic mouth guard from a sporting goods store.
Mouth guards also can be a valuable tool to safeguard your teeth from nighttime grinding. Grinding can cause cracks in your teeth that can lead to discoloration, or worse, premature tooth loss. If you grind your teeth, please contact our office for a consultation or bring up this concern at your next visit.


If you have questions about general dentistry or would like to schedule a consultation with your Glen Ellyn dentist, give us a call today or schedule an appointment online! We look forward to smiling with you.


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